Top 10 countries

What countries and regions would you chose to migrate to (destination) and why (criteria) if we face an average planetary heating of 4 degrees Celsius by the end of this century? On this page we will add criteria and countries. If this page expands we will are likely to turn it into an interactive chart / map.

Criteria that will play a role in choosing a destination:

  1. Moderate climate (fertile soil, agricultural production, et cetera)
  2. (Geo)politically safe and stable
  3. Fairly prosperous and economically diversified
  4. Comparable culture (totally different culture is hard to adapt to)
  5. Defensible to climate change impact
    1. Responsive institutions
    2. Higher than sea-level altitude
    3. Fresh water supplies but no flooding
    4. Managable amounts of climate refugees
  6. Open to your migration
  7. [to be completed]

What countries would be likely to score high for Westerners?

  1. New Zealand
  2. Iceland
  3. Scandinavian countries
  4. Canada
  5. Russia
  6. Switzerland
  7. US above 42nd (Michigan, Minnesota, Alaska, et cetera)
  8. United Kingdom / Ireland
  9. Chile
  10. [to be completed]

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